Your Reward Point

Kylibr is a marketplace that rewards its users with the KYB reward point. The point has a dynamic value. The more KYB point are given to users, the higher the value is. At the opposite, the more users convert their points into Euro, the lower the value is.


What kind of contributions are rewarded ?  

Rewarded Contributions


Stay at a hotel Your stay booked through Kylibr is rewarded by Kylibr with 2 KYB point by default; the hotel can add up to 10 extra KYB points according to its rewarding policy

2 KYB to12 KYB

Recruit a new user  As soon as someone register thanks to you and confirm the purchase of a pass, you get rewarded

50 KYB

Recruit a new hotel  As soon a hotel register thanks to you and confirm the subscription to Kylibr marketplace by publish a room, you get rewarded

200 KYB

Review a hotel room When you review a hotel room (from Review button in your Past Reservation tab in your account), you are rewarded for all booking occurring during the next 30 days


/ booking during 30 days 


How the Review reward amount is calculated?

The amount calculation rule is

  • You reviewed a hotel room Nov 29th.
  • In total, in November, 6 people reviewed the hotel room (including you).
  • In December, the hotel is booked 18 times on Kylibr by members other than yourself.

So on January 1st, you will earn 6 KYB  as rewards.

6 KYB = 18 bookings in Dec paid 2 KYB per booking, divided by the number of people who gave a review (6 people). In total Kylibr has made happy 6 reviewers giving them 36 KYB points


How can i get my KYB changed in EURO?

If you have sat up your bank info inside your account, you will be able to request the change in Euro through your account. Your euros will be sent to you by wire transfer to your account.

Otherwise, you can contact us directly and we will proceed to the transfer manually.

What can I do with my reward points?

Your reward points will allow you to do different things.

  • Subscribe to Kylibr passes 
  • Pay some extra at the hotel