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27m2Double bed2 adults
Double bed1 adult
Grand Hôtel de Courtoisville, The Originals Relais
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Enjoy your free bookings in any of our 2000 partner hotels in France and all over the World

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Frequently asked questions
Can i lend my pass or book for someone else?

Your pass is nominative and individual

Bookings are sent to hotel with Kylibr passholder info. When you have a second person in your room or when you need to book for someone else, you need to precise it at booking time.

What kind of hotels are available on Kylibr?

Kylibr is an open service for independent hotels as well as chain hotels.  

Members can book for free in all 3 stars available hotels.  Upscale and high end hotels can also be booked assuming an extra fee.

What is the reward point value?

The value of one point is a floating value. The more contributors are rewarded, the more the value of one single point increase. Reversely, the more users converts Point into Cash, the more value decrease. The first Point value is 1€.

What can I use my reward points for?

Your reward points will allow you to enjoy hotel complimentary services as soon as hoteliers will launch their eshop. For instance, you will be able to pay your breakfast, get upgraded in a superior room, have a drink at the bar or enjoy any other services hotel has reserved to its loyal members

I am a hotelier
You have occupancy issues, you want to sell without heavy commissions, give Kylibr a try!